"Reply to all"

Posted in life by stephrosalie on June 8, 2010

I’ve allways wondered how I would look through someone else’s eyes. I was curious how it would look, from a different view. Allthough I didn’t really knew how. How to realise how I’m acting, responding, saying things.

Everything is not what it seems, or how it’s supposed to be. The kindness is gone, we grow older. Things slowly fade away in order to get replaced by the more mature pieces of life. No one sticks out a hand to help you on the bigger decisions. No second chances. You have to create a mind of your own, even though this mind will be influenced by the things that you have been thaught or you experienced.

All I can say is: I have done it again. I’ve been here so many times before. Hurted people and letting them down. Pushing them away. Which makes them push me away. And the worst part is; there is no one else there to blame but myself.

Reply to all; I am trying to fix it. So could you please give me some time?


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