Memories #1

Posted in life by stephrosalie on November 2, 2010

“April 27, 2010

I can’t seem to understand how the mind works. Either the mind of a man, nor the mind of a woman. Or a child. Or a grown up. Minds. Don’t seem to feel the touch of your fingers across my skin. Can’t feel the words you throw at me. You never could explain it to me. How your mind works while I tried to figure it out. You are very difficult for me to read. Why? Cause there was nothing to read. True things are readable, lies are like blackholes in the galaxy. Hiding the good. Throwin out the bad.
Don’t we all just have to pierce things together, watch and travel to see where we end up after the healing process?
Give me my escape, you’re hunting me down like a dog.”

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