Memories #2

Posted in life, weheartit by stephrosalie on November 2, 2010

“October 7, 2009

How fair is it to get your emotions controlled by a stranger?
A stranger that somehow has the password to all your thoughts and emotions.
And somehow you do not care if he sees it al, knows it all, tells it all.
You want to be as close as you can.
But when you see him standing in a crowd with someone else,
better brace yourself ’cause you know it’s gonna hurt.
You hope that he noticed that you’re staring at him,
but the way he looks over.. it’s like he looks through you.
And all was for nothing.. The cute smiles.. the simple “hello”‘s..
casually touching his hand, arm, leg, everything..
Looking for excuses to just look into his eyes for some seconds.
To manage to be on his mind for those seconds. Trying to burn yourself on his brain.
Hoping he wont forget your smile from the first time you met. Or that he likes your skirt.

But I like to think; at least it can’t get any worse.. Right?

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