I am that what I want to be, sadly. I addapt and I change. I dream.
I am not more than a girl who’s lost in her own thoughts.

I’m just an ordinairy 19 year old girl, writing about the things I love, lack, loathe and perhaps lost.
I live in The Netherlands and my passions are; photography, drawing, singing and other artsy stuff.
All these photographs and texts on my blog are my own, unless otherwise stated. You have NO permission to use or recreate any of my work without permission. The content of this site may not be copied, modified or distributed in any manner without prior agreement.
© Stephanie Zeman

Explaination categories:

I got my posts in different specific categories. With reason. Most of the images I post that are not mine; I get from WEHEARTIT.COM.  I do not claim your work as mine, I’m just sharing the inspiration. My own photo’s will be sorted in Photography, unless otherwise staded. I try to link your art back to the place I’ve found it. Text that contains lyrics will be sorted in lyrics, etc.


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