Memories #2

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“October 7, 2009

How fair is it to get your emotions controlled by a stranger?
A stranger that somehow has the password to all your thoughts and emotions.
And somehow you do not care if he sees it al, knows it all, tells it all.
You want to be as close as you can.
But when you see him standing in a crowd with someone else,
better brace yourself ’cause you know it’s gonna hurt.
You hope that he noticed that you’re staring at him,
but the way he looks over.. it’s like he looks through you.
And all was for nothing.. The cute smiles.. the simple “hello”‘s..
casually touching his hand, arm, leg, everything..
Looking for excuses to just look into his eyes for some seconds.
To manage to be on his mind for those seconds. Trying to burn yourself on his brain.
Hoping he wont forget your smile from the first time you met. Or that he likes your skirt.

But I like to think; at least it can’t get any worse.. Right?

As long as the wrong feels right it’s like I’m in flight

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I can’t breathe but I still fight while I can fight
As long as the wrong feels right it’s like I’m in flight
High off his love, drunk from my hate, it’s like I’m huffin’ pain
And I love it the more I suffer, I suffocate
And right before I’m about to drown, he resuscitates me
We’re runnin’ right back, here we go again
So insane, cause when it’s goin’ good it’s goin’ great
But when it’s bad it’s awful, I feel so ashamed I snap

You ever love somebody so much you can barely breathe
When you with em you meet and neither one of you even know what hit em
Got that warm fuzzy feeling
Yeah them chills used to get em
Now you’re in each other’s face spewin’ venom in your words when you spit em
You push pull each other’s hair
Scratch claw hit em throw em down pin em
So lost in the moments when you’re in em
It’s the rage that’s the culprit, controls you both
So they say it’s best to go your seperate ways
Guess that they don’t know you

Now I know we said things, did things, that we didn’t mean
And we fall back into the same patterns, same routine
But your temper’s just as bad as mine is, you’re the same as me
When it comes to love you’re just as blinded
Baby please come back, it wasn’t you, baby it was me
Maybe our relationship isn’t as crazy as it seems
Maybe that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano
All I know is I love you too much to walk away though
Come inside, pick up the bags off the sidewalk
Don’t you hear sincerity in my voice when I talk?
Told you this is my fault, look me in the eyeball
Next time I’m pissed I’ll aim my fist at the drywall
Next time there won’t be no next time
I apologize even though I know it’s lies
I’m tired of the games I just want him back


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We have this festival here, which I really wanted to go to.

No money =  no Lowlands..

Errors and stopsigns

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My laptop crashed. AGAIN. I’m in need of a new one.. Anyone any suggestions  on which one to buy?

Explain it to me

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Head underwater
Keeps getting harder
Give ’em your medicine
Fame injection
Tell him to jump higher
Tell him to run farther
Make him measure up
Decades longer than youPiece it together
It’s like weather
Watch him travel
Kiss the gravel

Tell him to jump higher
Tell him to run farther
Make him measure up
Ten times longer than you ever should
You never could explain them to me
Explain them to me

Keep the streets empty for me

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